ISCNITZAN Rates & Prices

Although some computer problems are common and wide spread, most would affect different computers in a very individual ways. Since each user is an individual – so would be their Personal Computer and their resulting PC problems.
Having said that - ISCNITZAN’s hourly fee is based on $35/hr, and for more in depth common charges we provided some structural guidelines for most common problems list here.

  1. Value First! Should your repair ever accede the current value of your machine we see it as our duty to inform you of that fact in advance and provide a better option that would make financial scenes.

  2. Free Estimates - we are happy to provide all clients with a free price estimates, however with the prices of gas the way they are - we must charge a $20 gas fee for each on-location estimate, or - you could get your machine to our location in Hamilton NJ instead...

  3. Hourly Rate – Across the board our pricing structure is based on hourly charge of $ 35.00 / hour. While we try to maintain this price for as long as possible, if and when it will be necessary to be updated all clients will be notified via email as well as here on our web site.

  4. PC Maintenance and Optimization service - by far the best way to witness the value of our services is this $ 95 flat fee service which usually improves performance by 30-70% then before and often restores your PC to its original optimal performance.

  5. Existing Clients - in order to simplify maintenance and support services of our on-going clients we offer IN Service Retainers ranging from $ 9.95 / month to $ 29.95 / month, according the client's specific needs and number of PC's. All Service Retainers are based on an annual contract and provide additional benefits explained here.

  6. New Customers - although our IN Service Retainer would provide best value to all customers we realize the need for initial evaluation prior to any annual commitment. For that reason we specified the $35/hr rate giving new clients the option of trying us first. However - hourly rate could be expensive when problems demand several hours of service, for that reason we highly recommend first trying our $ 95 PC Maintenance and Optimization service, which for a flat fee would defiantly leave you impressed with the results.

Finding The Smart Deals

Clients always ask me where do I find those special computer and electronics deals I provide. when I'm hired for consultation. Since I know (and so should you) that the value is not within the source of purchase or even the prices, but it is in the research and know-how involved - I don't mind sharing these sources here.

Still - after browsing for you enjoyment, I strongly advise you to consider contacting me before you buy. As I mentioned above, price is not necessarily the bottom line.

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