ISCNITZAN Computers Service Retainer

ISCNitzan offers business and personal clients a Tech-Support Service Retainers specially designed to simplify your computer tech-support needs and protect your computer operations by performing a quarterly maintenance to each PC registered under the retainer.
Using the retainer you will benefit from knowing that your PCs are well maintained and less prone to the unexpected breakdowns, all while keeping your computer repair budget in check.

The Tech-Support Service Retainer Includes:

Quarterly Service:

  1. Run necessary Microsoft Update services
  2. Virus and Spyware database update, scan and infection removal
  3. Registry scan and optimization
  4. Hard Disk derangement
  5. System performance optimization
Open Box Annual Services:
  1. vacuum clean dust from all cooling parts and fans
  2. Air blast internal parts to ensure proper cooling operation
  3. HD scan for disk errors and bad sectors

Service Retainer Pricing:

Description / Price Paid Monthly Paid Quarterly
 Public use PCs
   1-5 PCs $ 24.95 each PC $ 65.85 each PC
   6-10 PCs $19.95 each PC $ 53.85 each PC
   10+ Call for price Call for price
 Personal use PCs
   1-3 PCs (per household) $ 9.95 each PC $ 53.85 each PC
   3+ Call for price Call for price

Payment Terms

ISCNitzan provides several options to make service retainer payments; all payments must be submitted PRIOR to service commencement.
  • PayPal Payment - via PayPal Subscriptions, Credit Cards or by E-Check. Payments can be made at monthly or quarterly intervals
  • Personal Checks - checks must be mailed in advance affording to clear prior to service commencement or period expiration.
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