Where we find these bargains?

We teamed up in co-operation with major US computer manufacturers and distributors who allowed us a unique access to their product outlets. Rather then operate like Dell who operates their own Dell Outlet these manufacturers sell us their outlets in bulk allowing for significant price reduction.

What is outlet PC?

Although they are marked as outlet buy being an Open Box Item or Refurbished – all these PCs and Laptops where factory recertified and carry 90 days warranty.

What warranty do I get?

All products sold in our store carry standard 90 days warranty from the manufacturer. In addition – every PC and Laptop we sell is opened and checked by our own stuff prior to shipment or delivery to our customer for additional assurance that the product is and operates as it should.
Finally – with every purchase you have the option to purchase 1 year additional warranty for a flat price of $50. The additional warranty is in addition (not instead of) to the manufacturer warranty and begins following the original 90 days provided with the product.