Tools and Software to Improve your PC

Maintaining PC performance and overall computing experience is an important task which could prevent troubles, improve production and prevent future data loss.

However searching for the right ways to do this could be a daunting task. that's where ISCNitzan comes in to the rescue!

We decided to accumulate a list of tools we found, often available for a free download, which we ourselves use quite frequently and we believe to be of grate value.

So - here we go:

Free Antivirus & Spy-ware Protection
AVG Antivirus Free - by far the best protection you can get! Easily integrates into windows and works in a way that does not interrupt your work or occupy much of your PC resources.

Free Windows Registry backup & optimize
ERU NT - ERUNT (Emergency Recovery Utility NT) allows you to keep a complete backup of your registry and restore it when needed. The standard registry backup options that come with Windows back up most of the registry but not all of it. ERUNT however creates a complete backup set, including the Security hive and user related sections. ERUNT is easy to use and since it creates a full backup, there are no options or choices other than to select the location of the backup files. The backup set includes a small executable that will launch the registry restore if needed.

Free Windows Power Toys (for Windows XP)
Windows Power Toys - Power Toys are a set of special tools designed to add unique sets of functionality to your standard windows experience.

Free Network Optimizer
Dr. TCP - is a very small program which enables you to tweak your Internet Connection Settings to be optimized.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) - This is an important update to the Windows XP OS, this download link is independent of the regular windows update method.

Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.1a
Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.1a - If you are still running Windows 98 finding the updates is very difficult since Microsoft stopped supporting Win 98. Here is a link to a download of the latest update.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
Vista Upgrade Advisor is designed to help Windows XP users identify whether their PCs are ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista, which edition of Windows Vista meets their needs, and which features of Windows Vista will be able to run on their PCs.

Download Latest DirectX Here - DirectX improves the graphics, security, and performance of your operating system. Download and install this update for your Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP-based system.

Free Trial Backup Utility
GoodSync is an easy, secure, and reliable way to synchronize and back up your photos, MP3s, and important files. Backing-up and/or synchronizing your critical documents is as easy as one click, and can also be scheduled using a variety of automatic options. True bi-directional file synchronization prevents any data loss. Good Sync can be used to synchronize data between your desktop PC and laptop, home and office computers, computer and removable devices (USB Key, Flash Drive, CDRW disc), over a local network or the Internet.

Comodo Free Firewall
Comodo Personal Firewall is a kick-ass free firewall. It keeps hackers out and tricky unauthorized programs off the Internet. And it resists being terminated. It works as well as all but the best for-pay firewalls-and did I mention it's free?

No Download Chatting
Meebo lets you chat with multiple IM clients, without the need download and install all those network specific programs. It supports six IM clients with clean inviting interface.



Special Note!
Please note that some of these downloads may require higher level of Windows OS proficiency to correctly implement. However, you are welcome to experiment and if you need me to ‘bail you out’ – contact us .


Work In Progress
work in progress
Like the rest of this web site this page is a work-in-progress, I will over time add, remove or change some of these links to offer better things.
So you should check here again in the future and if there’s any suggestion you want added to this page – write me.
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