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Developing Your Web Site

Whether it is for yourself personally or for your business / company – building a successful web presence is an important part of advancing, reaching and obtaining your goals.
For companies and businesses the advantages are obvious, having a well designed web site opens a whole new avenue of promotional advertising, communications with existing and prospective customers, and increased sales. While personal web sites are used for promoting a resume, communicating with family and friends, or expressing ideas and hobbies.
Whatever your need is ISCNITZAN offers Web Site Development, Design and Programming to create a unique, pleasant and comprehensive web site to represent your needs and obtain your goals.

Web Design

ISCNITZAN provides you with easy options to develop a new and unique web site design and graphics, or choose from hundreds of ready made templates which can be customized to fit your needs.

To immediately begin with your own web site design please fill out the following form to provide us with some initial details of your desired web site. ISCNITZAN requires a $400 initial deposit which covers one template design of up to 4 pages. In case your site will require more then that, an additional payment(s) maybe required.

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Web Programming

ISCNITZAN provides clients the ability to seamlessly integrate large collection of web applications tailored to the unique needs and requirements of your web site.
Our web programming includes shopping carts, gateway integration, email programs, mailing list management, forums, chats, project management, log-in management and many more.
Each of the web applications we offer can be uniquely customized to mach your sites look and fill, and be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

In general we charge $40.00 per hour for web programming services. Final prices may range from $150.00 for one of our custom Email / Paging programs to as much as several thousands for a complex e-commerce application.
To begin working on your programming needs we require initial payment of $150.00, which will be credited towards your final bill.

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Hosting & Promotions

At ISCNITZAN we offer our own in-house hosting solution provided through ISCWEBHOST.COM. With comprehensive services such as web mastering, web site promotions and web page optimization services you are sure to find all that you’ll ever need for a good and successful web site.


Web Master Service
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Web Promotions
Properly promoting your site is secret to your sites success. Get noticed! Visit ISCWEBHOST web site promotional pages [>>>]
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